Geese in Maryland

Migratory Canada geese winter in Maryland but are part of a population that nests in northern Québec along Ungava Bay, the northeastern shore of the Hudson Bay, and in the interior of the Ungava Peninsula. Migratory Canada geese primarily stay on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where they can be harvested during season. Maryland’s resident Canada geese are distinct from their migratory cousins, and can be found and harvested across the state during season.
The snow goose population has grown to over 1 million birds. Because the damage they cause to staging and migration habitat and agricultural crops, wildlife managers now allow certain hunting methods to be used to reduce greater snow goose numbers. During the 2014-2015 Light Goose Conservation Order Season, hunters may use unplugged shotguns, electronic calls of light geese, and hunt during extended shooting hours (one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset). Hunters are required to purchase a $5 Snow Goose Conservation Order Hunting Season Permit to participate in this special season and have the permit receipt in their possession while hunting light geese.