Fishing for Trout

Brook trout are native to eastern Canada and the northeastern United States, extending as far west as eastern Minnesota. Their original range also included the Appalachian Mountains, where they are still found in many high elevation streams as far south as Georgia. They have been widely introduced into several western states. Brook trout are the only trout native to Maryland waters. Rainbow trout were transplanted to Maryland from the west coast of the United States. They are native to the Pacific slope from the mountains in northern Mexico, through the western United States around Alaska and the Bering Sea to the northern regions of Asia. They have been introduced into every state in the Union, as well as introduced worldwide. Brown trout vary greatly in appearance. Generally, they are olive green to brown on top shading to a creamy, golden-yellow on the sides and an off white along the belly. Most brown trout are covered with black spots along their sides, back and dorsal fin with each spot surrounded by a light halo. Frequently, the spots near the lateral line are red. Unlike brook and rainbow trout, the tails of brown trout have few if any spots.