Kayak fishing for Snakehead with Steven Kambourus.
Maryland's Trails

Maryland’s prime access to the Chesapeake Bay, hundreds of rivers, lakes, streams, and flat and mountainous terrain make it one of the east coast’s premier hunting and fishing destinations. As an angler or hunter, some advice on the best spots is always welcome. Our Trails will help you make the most of Maryland’s natural resources. Developed with all levels of sportsmen and women in mind, they provide insight on some of the best hunting and fishing spots in Maryland.

Our Trails

Fly Fishing Trail Logo Maryland's Fly Fishing Trail

The first of its kind, this Trail is a great resource for experienced fly fishers as well as anyone learning to enjoy the sport. It includes 48 sites located across all of Maryland's counties and Baltimore City. Information for each site includes details on location, species, recommended equipment, local guides, shops and more.  

Check out the Fly Fishing Trail to get ready for your next fishing adventure





Trail LogoMaryland's  Catfish Trail

Dive into the Maryland Catfish Trail and join the fight against invasive species threatening our waters! From Blue Catfish to Northern Snakehead, these formidable creatures disrupt Maryland's ecosystem, but with your help, we can make a difference. Discover prime fishing spots, expert tips, and tournaments to reel in these giants while preserving the Chesapeake Bay.




FHMD Logo - Deer HuntingMaryland's Deer Hunting Trail

Maryland's Wildlife & Heritage Service (WHS) oversees the management of 64 Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) totaling a little under 128,000 acres, with WMAs located in 19 of Maryland's 23 counties. This trail features key public lands great for deer hunting. 

Review the Deer Hunting Trails to learn more about public lands within four regions in Maryland and plan your next deer hunting adventure.