Cobia are found in the warm-temperate to tropical waters of the West and East Atlantic Ocean, throughout the Caribbean, and in the Indian Ocean off the coast of India, Australia, and off the Pacific coast of Japan. Here in Maryland, they can be found in the deep, open waters of the Chesapeake Bay.


CobiaCobia have a long body that is blackish on the back and brown on the sides, two silvery bands run along its sides from the head to the tail and it has a yellowish or grayish-white belly. They usually grow 3 to 4 feet in length and weigh more than 50 pounds. Known to be strong and stubborn, Cobia will try to make a run for it once they are hooked making for a challenging and exciting catch.


Cobia season in Maryland is from June 15 - September 15. High season falls between August and September as water temperatures warm.


Cobia are one of the largest, hardest fighting species that you’ll find in Maryland’s waters. Be prepared—when hooked by an angler, cobia will put up quite a fight, leaping and running to escape. You will want to use heavy tackle. Cobia can make strong runs, pulling you into structures which can break off your line, or just generally break a line too weak to handle a big fish.​

In Maryland, you are most likely to find cobia in the Bay’s deep, open waters; often found in the shade of wrecks, buoys and pilings. Mostly solitary, cobia will sometimes form small groups. Natural live and dead baits are recommended.

License and Regulations

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