For many, hunting is very much a family tradition. Everything you learned was passed on to you by your parents and grandparents. Now it’s your turn to pass the hunting torch down to the next generation. Whether you’re teaching your newly-licensed child how to track a buck, or a demonstrating the basics to your grandchild, there’s no better place to pass on your hunting knowledge and skills than right here in Maryland.

Get out in Maryland chasing trophy white-tailed deer and experiencing legendary waterfowling on the Cheasapake Bay. Or, try your hand at the unique Cast and Blast opportunities in Maryland hunting sea ducks on a boat, followed by reeling in striped bass.

Go body-booting in the Susquehanna Flats with canvas backs and redheads flying overhead. Join up with a guide to hunt private lands, or head to Maryland’s Wild Lands and tap into the untouched wilderness reserved for activities specifically for sportsmen and outdoorsmen. Find local outfitters, the species you’re after, knowledgeable guides, and the necessary licenses.