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When It Comes to Memories, Maryland Fishing Tournaments Land the Big Ones

Posted on: May 30, 2018 By: Maryland DNR

Family fun and good times with good friends and big challenge for big money? Maryland fishing tournaments hook ‘em all!

The sound of a Chesapeake deadrise cutting through the Bay’s morning chop and the laughter of good friends on the hunt for that trophy rockfish. The squeals of excitement as your little boy or girl lands that first sunny at the local rodeo. Your paddle’s clean break of the river’s surface and the line snapping to a brown trout strike. The twang of a bow, and the thrash of fins as you tag that monster snakehead. The cry of gulls wheeling overhead as you enter the Ocean City inlet, the crisp sigh as you pop open the first toast to a day well spent, and the sun shining off the flanks of the white marlin you’re bringing to weigh in. This is what Maryland tournament fishing is all about — the challenge, the expectation and the thrill. But most of all, it’s about family and friends — it’s about the memories.


In Maryland, we are blessed when it comes to fishing. If you spend all year waiting for that first day of trophy rockfish season, planning with your buddies and remembering the ones that didn’t get away, or look forward to taking the kids to that freshly stocked creek for a weekend fishing rodeo, it’s here. Whether you revel in the solitude of kayak fishing in an on-line tourney, or the sparkle of gel-coat and the bark of a bass boat as it launches to plane during Bassmaster, we’ve got it. If you look forward to a day on the lake, the ripple of the stream on your waders, or the thrum of mighty diesels as you pierce the surf and make for the big fish in the canyons, no place on Earth offers more – or better – fishing tournaments than Maryland.

From weekend tournaments for bragging rights, and charity tourneys like the Casey Cares Rockfish Tournament, to the chance to go head-to-head with the TV pros with a cool $100K on the line during the Bassmaster Elite, or the chance to become a multi-millionaire with a single fish during the White Marlin Open — the world’s largest and richest billfish tournament — Maryland makes tournament fishing easy and amazing. Check out our tournament page and find the one that’s right for you to compete, or just to watch — but don’t let those big memories get away!

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