About the Jobes

Charles Jobes has been carving since he was seven years old, trained in the art of decoy making by his father, Captain Harry Jobes, he has become one of Havre de Grace's most respected artists and has been carving for over thirty years.

Questions & Answers 

  1. What makes Maryland unique?
    1. The huge flats below the Susquehanna river provide an abundant opportunity for all waterfowl to start their migration through the Chesapeake Bay. Divers, puddle ducks, and sea ducks call this home for a majority of the winter. While the geese tend to stay towards the agricultural fields a few often end up in our decoys.
  2. What's your #1 tip you can give readers?
    1. Wait for the ducks to come! Oftentimes, hunters are quick to shoot at anything passing through. Instead, wait for the ducks to finish. I can guarantee hunters will have a higher chance of hitting their target.
  3. How do you measure success in Maryland?
    1. Measuring success varies from hunter to hunter, but body booting is something not many can say isn’t a successful way of hunting. The birds often are so close you can see their eyes.