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Top 5 Reasons to Go Trout Fishing in Western Maryland

Posted on: May 2, 2018 By: FHMD

As the famous fishing author John Gierach once wrote, “the only thing a psychiatrist can do that a good (fishing) guide can’t is write prescriptions.” In Western Maryland’s rolling mountains, rushing rivers and streams, and dense forests, his words have never been more true. With fresh air, scenery, peace and quiet, and plenty of trout to chase, Western Maryland is the perfect location for a fishing trip. Here are five reasons to head west in Maryland for trout.

1) Brook, Rainbow, and Brown Trout

Thanks to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ dedication to sustainability, conservation, and recreation, Western Maryland offers four species of trout to anglers: Golden, brook, rainbow, and brown. If you want to fish for one of Maryland’s most iconic fish, set your sights on the brook trout – the state’s only native species. It’s easily identified by its vibrant orange belly and speckled back with blazing black and white striping on the edges of its belly and abdominal fins.

Luckily for anglers, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources also stocks nearly 300,000 golden, rainbow, and brown trout throughout the state each spring and fall. The majority of the fish stocking is done in Allegany and Garrett Counties in the western region of the state, making for ideal settings for anglers, and perfect habitat for trout.

The Department of Natural Resources provides an up-to-date trout stocking location map for anglers to identify locations.

2) Enjoy the Landscape


Maryland has been called America in Miniature because so much is packed into its 10,460 square miles of land and water. You can find just about any kind of natural feature here, except a desert. Cutting straight through Maryland’s western corridor are the Allegheny Mountains, offering a veritable playground to sportsmen of all types. With mountain vistas and cascading rivers packed with trout stocks, it’s easy to see why this region of Maryland is so beloved by anglers. For those looking to trade their busy schedules for reeling in trout on some of Maryland’s most beautiful and scenic waterways, there’s no better place to go than Western Maryland.

There are also plenty of lodging options throughout the area to be enjoyed. From campgrounds to fully-accommodated, lakeside cabins, nature and a view are never far off. Couple the natural beauty of the area with rivers and streams bubbling with trout, and you have the perfect fishing getaway.

3) Learn to Cast a Fly


With trout being relatively easy for any age or skill level to catch and enjoy, it’s a great fish for beginners or those learning to fly fish. If you’re becoming tired of the spinning reel, learning to fly fish offers anglers a challenge that is both practical and fun. It’s also the preferred method for pinpointing a specific area in a body of water to enhance your chances of a strike.

There are plenty of guides and outfitters throughout Western Maryland that can set you up with everything you need to start casting a fly and reeling in trout after trout.

4) Experience a Legacy

The allure Western Maryland has captured fishermen for generations. The nearly perfect streams and rivers in the region are well known in angler communities around the world. One of Maryland’s most notorious anglers, Lefty Kreh, grew up in Western Maryland mastering his craft and fueling his passion for trout fishing in the area. His fishing explorations have caught the eyes of celebrated anglers worldwide who travel to Western Maryland as an ideal fishing destination.

5) Carry on the Tradition


There’s no better way to pass down the family’s fishing tradition than reeling in trout in Western Maryland. Fishing for trout does take patience, but isn’t difficult, making it the ideal fish for first timers and children. In addition, with the abundance of trout stocked in the area, there’s plenty of action to keep a child or first timer’s attention and encourage a love of the outdoors and fishing.

While there are a ton of areas available for first time anglers, there are of course more than enough spots for experienced anglers who prefer to fish in more challenging, remoter areas.

After a day spent learning and catching fish, relax by the fire cooking your fresh catch before sleeping under the stars or curling up in a comfy cabin creating memories of a lifetime.


With so much to enjoy in Western Maryland, it’s easy to see why it’s a trout fisherman’s paradise.

Be sure to acquire your fishing license from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources before heading out. Visit us online for information on Western Maryland’s four counties: Allegany, Frederick, Garrett, and Washington. Click HERE to plan your adventure today.