About Johnathan

Growing up on the western shore, fishing has been part of my lifestyle. My passion is taking people out to create new passions and memories. Growing up my father always took my family western to the mountain rivers to chase native brook and brown trout.

Questions & Answers for video topics 

What makes Maryland unique?

  1. Maryland’s fly fishery is unique in so many ways. For example, Western Maryland’s babbling brooks that house the prized native brook trout or the tailwaters of the majestic Savage where the mighty brown trout lurks. No matter what you are searching for in a fishing trip of a lifetime,  Maryland has what you’re looking for!

What's your #1 tip you can give readers?

  1. As a fly fishing guide in Maryland, the best tip I can give anyone is to do your research. Take a drive through the beautiful Western Maryland mountains and do some scouting. There are tons of public access points from which to find that trout of a lifetime in Western Maryland. The fall is a beautiful time of the year for this. It’s not too hot, not too cold, and the beauty of the Western Maryland mountains makes an amazing backdrop for the pictures of the trout you will catch here. 

How do you measure success in Maryland?

  1. Fly fishing success in Maryland is all on what you make of it. Some people enjoy a peaceful day on a quiet mountain stream while others are in it for the hunt. Can you outsmart the weary native western Maryland brookie, sneaking up on him unnoticed? Or maybe you’re up for the challenge of the aggressive acrobatic wild brown trout? Or both? Many anglers successfully catch both Maryland species in a day fly fishing the beautiful mountains of western Maryland! Will you be the next?

Species dependent 

What's the typical catch ranging from in Maryland?

  1. Typically when you come to Western Maryland to fly fish, you will have multiple opportunities to hook up on the opportunistic brook trout, who is always in search of its next meal! Once you get your fix on brookies we can move down the mountain and target the aggressive wild brown trout where we will cast dry flies and streamers! We will always find some fish! Getting them to bite is the tricky part! So make sure if you’re going on a self-guided trip your fly box is stocked! So you can properly match the hatch.

What's your most memorable moment in Maryland? 

  1. As a fly fishing guide in Maryland, every trip is a memorable trip. One thing I love the most is seeing the grin on my client's face when they hook into that fish of a lifetime, whether it’s a beautiful colored up native brook trout or the beautiful majestic brown trout! Western Maryland is sure to have what you are in search of!