Harvest Season Aboard The Marylander – Fish & Hunt

Harvest Season Aboard The Marylander

Posted on: September 3, 2019 By: FHMD

Autumn affords Marylanders the opportunity to appreciate the ever-changing weather and approaching harvest throughout the state. While farmers are harvesting crops in the fields, sportsmen and sportswomen on the Chesapeake Bay are capitalizing on one of Maryland’s most bountiful seasons.


Fall fishing on the Chesapeake Bay provides great opportunity for anglers before the winter months. With warm and favorable conditions, early to mid-September will yield a wide variety of species in the mid-Chesapeake Bay Region such as striped bass, bluefish, and Atlantic Spanish mackerel. Aboard The Marylander, we try to target shoals at channel edges during this month and it provides great opportunity for all anglers. The clear blue skies and still mild temperatures make it an ideal time for groups that are networking or vacationing in Annapolis, Baltimore-Washington, and the Eastern Shore region to try charter fishing.

During late September through mid-October, cool winds and changing temperatures signal that fall is here in Maryland so we shift our focus aboard The Marylander. Targeting striped bass in schools of breaking fish is a popular trend for anglers on the Chesapeake Bay at this time of year. Trolling, casting topwater lures, and live-lining are popular techniques that are utilized during this time period.

Crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay can also be a fun fall activity that provides groups with an experience of a cherished Maryland pastime. During this season Maryland blue crabs are harvested via trotline and can be of great quality. It makes for a memorable experience for friends and families who want to experience harvesting their own days catch on the Chesapeake Bay.

But when we say October, we mean Rocktober aboard The Marylander!  Crisp air focuses our thoughts on feeding striped bass (aka Rockfish) in our local tributaries. Light tackle and trolling provide great opportunities for anglers across the state. Aboard The Marylander, we focus on shallow water until temperature causes schools of striped bass move into deeper channels as winter approaches. It is a great way to spend a day enjoying Maryland’s outdoors and the seasonal changes on the Chesapeake Bay. We hope that during this time period, we are blessed with migrating striped bass and sightings of migrating waterfowl. They are a reminder of our upcoming waterfowl season, another cherished pastime for local sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.


Spending time with family and friends on the Chesapeake Bay is a memorable way to enjoy a day during the fall in Maryland. Crisp mornings and fantastic autumn sunsets are often underappreciated until reflected upon. It is during this harvest season that we are captivated by the great outdoors. We truly enjoy this time of the year aboard The Marylander and look forward to seeing you and your crew soon!


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Fall is beautiful in Maryland, so why not add a relaxing road trip to your itinerary while you’re fishing in Maryland? Take a little time with the family on your fishing trip to cruise our state’s scenic byways.


This article was written by Captain Jason Seman of The Marylander
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