Swallow Falls State Park

Fly Fishing in Western Maryland

Encompassing Garrett, Allegany and Washington counties, the Trail sites in Western Maryland provide fly fishers with a diversity of opportunities for trout fishing, from small native brook trout in streams to large rivers supporting significant populations of stocked brown and golden rainbow trout. Add in several lakes and fly fishing on the Potomac River, you can catch a different fish species every day of the week in this region! With several Trail sites located within or near state parks and state forests, long weekend trips or week-long vacations are possible in close proximity to great places for fly fishing and family fun.


Fly Fishing TRAIL Sites in Western Maryland

Beaver Creek Maryland

Beaver Creek

The Hagerstown Valley sits atop miles of underground limestone caverns which support Maryland’s largest spring creek, Beaver Creek, which rises up with cool water just below South Mountain in Washington County. The Catch and Release stretch begins below the Albert Powell . . .

Bluegill Lake Habeeb at Rocky Gap State Park

Lake Habeeb

The 243-acre Lake Habeeb, known for having the "bluest water in the state”, is nested within Rocky Gap State Park located in Western Maryland’s Allegany County. The park, which encompasses over 3,000 acres of public land for visitors to enjoy, is surrounded by rugged . . .

Town Creek Big Run State Park

Town Creek

Because of its relatively remote location in Green Ridge State Forest in Allegany County, Town Creek receives little fishing pressure from other anglers. This stream has great structure provided by tree root balls and small stream falls, all resulting in an ideal habitat for . . .

Fly Fishing a Pool on the Potomac River

Upper Potomac River

Taking smallmouth bass with popping bugs is some of the most exciting fishing available. The strike is explosive and there is the added benefit that poppers take some of the largest bass. The Potomac River in Washington County provides exactly these types of prime smallmouth . . .

Upper Savage River

Upper Savage River

It has been written that in a mountain stream pool, a 10-inch brook trout is every bit the predator that an 80-pound tarpon is in its own mangrove environment. If that appeals to you, then this is the Trail site for you. With 120 miles of interconnected wild trout streams . . .

Youghiogheny River in the Fall

Youghiogheny River

Located in Garrett County, the Youghiogheny River (“The Yock,” as it is popularly known), is wide, ranging in width from 80 to 180 feet. Even when other anglers are on the water, there is a sense of being alone on the river. Flowing South to North, the four and a half mile . . .