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Kayak Fishing/Bowfishing

One of the most unique aspects of fishing in Maryland is the variety of techniques that can be used in the Chesapeake Bay, its inlets, and in the rivers surrounding this massive body of water. Waterways like the Susquehanna Flats are just one example of the fantastic ecosystems all across the region that offer anglers great fishing. Whether it’s casting from a kayak for bass by day, or bowfishing for the snakehead at night, the abundance of water makes for an ideal fishing trip.

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Bring your own kayak and push out into the bay reeling in bass, or hook up with a guide like Don Goff, kayak fishing guide (featured in this video) or Working Class Outdoorsmen (also featured)  to bowfish for the invasive snakehead. You can even find local spots like MacGregor’s Restaurant & Tavern (also featured above) These guides will help you plan the trip and answer any questions you might have. Also, we suggest visiting Maryland DNR’s website for current and accurate information on all fishing logistics and regulations. You also want to make sure to have all your necessarily licenses, which you can do online or from from the DNR app.

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Don Goff, Kayak Fishing Guide
– Nick Mather, Bowfishing Charter
MacGregor’s Restaurant & Tavern
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Starting planning now.  Or, if you need a little more inspiration, check out our latest articles written by fellow sportsmen and local partners.

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