Plan Your Experience

Ready to take the friends on a trip to the Maryland coast? You might want to start with some more specific information on Ocean City. Visit our Worcester CountyPage or check out Somerset County with easy access to the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Regardless where you might want to go, we suggest you book a charter fishing trip while you’re here. You can book a full or half day offshore charter, or a couple-hour charter in the Bay or near shore. No matter your experience level, we have the perfect experience for you and your friends. Check out our list of local fishing charters and guides. They will help with any questions and overall logistics. As you’re making plans, we suggest visiting Maryland DNR’swebsite for up-to-date fishing information, and Visit Maryland for overall travel opportunities within our state.

Starting planning now. Or, if you need a little more inspiration, check out our latest articles written by fellow sportsmen and local partners.