Striped bass, locally known as rockfish, are a prized catch in Kent County. These iconic fish

migrate along the Atlantic coast, entering the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries to spawn. The

spring and fall seasons are particularly popular for targeting striped bass in Kent County waters. The  

2024 spring season begins on June 1. Anglers often find success fishing for striped bass in the early 

morning or late evening, when the fish are most active. Topwater lures, soft plastics, and live bait such

as menhaden or eels are effective choices for enticing these powerful fish. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge, 

known locally as the “Bay Bridge,” is a renowned hotspot for rockfish and can be seen and traveled to 

easily from Rock Hall.


Blue catfish, an invasive species in the Chesapeake Bay, have thrived in Kent County waters.

These fish can grow to impressive sizes, offering anglers a thrilling challenge. Blue catfish are

known for their voracious appetites, making them relatively easy to catch compared to other

species. Kent County’s rivers, especially the Chester River and Sassafras River, are teeming

with blue catfish. In fact, Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge is one of the sites on Maryland’s

new Catfish Trail. Anglers often use fresh-cut bait, such as menhaden or gizzard shad, to attract

these bottom-dwelling giants. The best fishing spots for blue catfish are typically near deep

holes, underwater structures, or near river bends where the current is stronger.


While striped bass and blue catfish dominate the fishing scene in Kent County, anglers can also

target a variety of other species. White perch, spot, croaker, and various species of panfish are

abundant in these waters, providing anglers with a diverse range of fishing opportunities. The

Chester River and Sassafras River are particularly fruitful for white perch fishing. These smaller

fish are known for their delicious taste and are often caught using small jigs or live bait such as

bloodworms or grass shrimp.


Kent County offers a range of fishing charter options for anglers looking to explore its waters.

Experienced charter captains provide expert guidance and local knowledge, ensuring a

productive and enjoyable fishing experience. Whether you’re interested in targeting striped

bass, blue catfish, or other species, fishing charters in Kent County cater to all skill levels and



Renowned for its blue crab population, Kent County offers anglers the opportunity to catch

these delectable crustaceans. Blue crabs are typically caught using crab pots or trotlines baited

with chicken necks, razor clams, or other natural baits. The shallow waters of the Chesapeake

Bay and its tributaries are prime crabbing grounds. Anglers can enjoy a day on the water

crabbing, taking in the scenic beauty of the region while harvesting these iconic Maryland



Kent County, is not only a paradise for anglers but also a hub of exciting events and

festivals throughout the year. From the Rock Hall Pirates Camp; Wenches Fantasy Weekend to the

Chestertown Tea Party Festival, there’s always something fun happening in Kent County. After a

day of fishing, visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture, enjoying live music,

delicious food, and the company of fellow fishing enthusiasts. With its perfect blend of outdoor

adventure and lively events, Kent County offers a truly unforgettable experience for all who visit.

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Before you head out, be  sure to acquire your license  and check out the latest regulations from the 

Maryland Department of Natural Resources if you plan on heading out on your own, charter passengers

are covered by the captain’s license.