Where the free flowing river meets the tidally influenced river, the Choptank River at Red Bridges Trail site in Caroline County provides for a very unique fly fishing experience. For three seasons of the year, the menu of fish species that can be caught by fly fishers changes.  

Spring brings yellow perch followed by white perch, hickory shad and river herring. Then in the summer the menu changes to largemouth bass, redbreast sunfish, bluegill, crappie, pickerel and striped bass. With the coming of fall, you can still catch largemouth bass, redbreast sunfish and bluegill. This stretch of the Choptank River can be easily wade-fished during normal river flows given the principally sandy river bottom and the thigh to waist deep waters.  

This Trail site, located at Caroline County’s Christian Park, offers novice and experienced fly fishers alike a great Eastern Shore upper river fly fishing experience and a place where an entire family can join in the fishing fun with no fee for accessing the site.

Site Location

Just north of Greensboro, Maryland on the Eastern Shore, the Choptank River flows through Caroline County’s Christian Park as it slowly makes its way many miles down to Chesapeake Bay. From Route 50/Ocean Gateway, exit left onto Route 404/Queen Anne Highway. After crossing over Tuckahoe Creek, turn left onto Route 480/Ridgely Road, following it all the way through Greensboro when it intersects with Route 313/Greensboro Road. Turn right onto Red Bridges Road and follow it to the parking lot next to the Choptank River.


Christian Park Red Bridges Road, Greensboro, Maryland 21639

Parking & Launching

The sandy parking area is located at the end of Red Bridges Road adjacent to the river. The soft access launch for canoes or kayaks is located just below Weir Dam.

Boat Rentals

You can rent a canoe or kayak at Mathews Landing Rentals located at 408 N. 10th St. Denton, MD 21629.

Where to Fish

You can fish the river from the shoreline or by wading in the river. Access the river directly from the parking lot and using the trails located along the river's shoreline. You can also fish the spillway below the weir dam or walk downstream to deeper pools. Finally you can launch a canoe or kayak.

What to Catch

Spring: Hickory shad, river herring, yellow perch and white perch 

Summer: Largemouth bass, redbreast sunfish, crappie, chain pickerel and striped bass 

Fall: Largemouth bass, redbreast sunfish and catfish

What to Fish & How

Recommend bringing 4-5 weight fly rods with floating fly lines. Your fly selection should reflect the fish species you are targeting. For shad, recommend simple red and yellow marabou streamers with size 8 hooks. For yellow and white perch, recommend small shrimp and minnow patterns. For bass and panfish, recommend poppers, wooly buggers, and insect patterns with rubber legs. Use bright flashy shad-style streamers in spring and early summer and poppers and terrestrial patterns in the summer.

Fly Fishing Organizations

Connect with local fly fishing organizations to learn about mentoring opportunities and to connect with others interested in fly fishing.