About Marko

Growing up in Maryland, Marko didn't start fishing until a few years ago, that's when he discovered his true passion in life. He spends his days chasing after the biggest and baddest catfish around.

Questions & Answers  

  1. What makes Maryland unique?
    1. Maryland is unique for the diversity of its landscapes. One side has locations in the seclusion of the countryside forests while the other side has some in the openness of the Chesapeake Bay all the way to the ocean. Overall, there are multiple outdoor opportunities that can meet the preferences of everybody.
  2. What's your #1 tip you can give readers?
    1. My #1 tip I can give to readers is to always try new things. This can range anywhere from fishing in a new area to changing your methods when targeting certain species. Often, I have found that going outside of your comfort zone enables you to gain valuable experience as an angler, no matter the level. 
  3. How do you measure success in Maryland?
    1. I measure success in Maryland as reaching personal goals that I have set for myself at the beginning of a fishing season. Whenever I reach these goals, I strive to challenge myself further. Through hard work and new experiences, anglers and hunters of all backgrounds can make a season truly memorable for themselves.
  4. What's the typical catch ranging from in Maryland?
    1. The species ranges in Maryland are very diversified which makes it a unique place to try your hand at fishing. Depending on the season and location, the average angler can target species like snakeheads and bass to rockfish and Spanish mackerel.
  5. What's your most memorable moment in Maryland? 
    1. My most memorable moment in Maryland is seeing firsthand the sheer volume of people that took up fishing or hunting as their pastime this year. Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I will never forget seeing how many tackle shops and fishing retailers  had low inventory due to the demand of their products. Not only was this moment unexpected, but it made me proud to see more and more people getting involved with the outdoors especially with what Maryland has to offer.