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5 Things to do While You Wait for Deer Season

Posted on: April 5, 2019 By: FHMD

Are you whiling away the hours until deer season comes back around? Here are some ideas to put that time to good use until opening day rolls around again.

Why not try hunting something different? Spring turkey season can be a blast, literally and figuratively. If you’ve never been, get ready for an action-packed morning in the woods where you can enjoy the sounds of the forest as it awakens, interrupted by some gobblers who are looking for love in all the right places. If you have hunted turkey before, but it’s been a while, consider it a time to hone your skills on that box or slate call or even investigate a new area. You can scout for deer while you’re at it and kill two birds with one stone (pun intended).

Deer Season

Image courtesy of Andres Gue

Have you ever tried bowfishing? There’s no time like the present to try something new. Stop putting it off! Bowfishing is fun and can be quite exciting, especially for snakehead, an exotic invasive fish species that happens to be really tasty. Because they’re an invasive species in Maryland, there is no creel or size limit, making them a great, year-round option outside of deer season. Bowfishing will also keep your archery skills sharp in preparation for your deer hunt. Check out the video below for a little more info on what’s involved with a snakehead bowfishing trip:

Are you interested in shooting sports or know someone who is? Have you purchased a new rifle or bow for the upcoming season and need to sight it in? Maryland offers many options for you to visit a shooting range and improve your proficiency, whether just for fun or if you’re trying to improve your skills for hunting season. From shooting ranges located at your local wildlife management area to those at a nearby state forest or local sportsmen’s club, there’s probably one not too far away from where you are.

Deer Season

Image courtesy of James Mackey

Why not take the off-season and explore a wildlife management area that you have never visited before? You might just find your next favorite hunting spot! With 61 wildlife management areas (WMAs) located in 18 of Maryland’s 23 counties, it could be one of our best-kept secrets. Several new WMAs are in the process of being added to this vast system of state-owned public lands that encompass more than 123,000 acres across the state. Take advantage of the downtime to scout a new area for deer season, do some wildlife viewing or bird watching, hike or just take in the natural beauty that the WMAs have to offer.

Deer Season

Image courtesy of Alec Haskard

Looking for something a little more meaningful? How about taking a new hunter under your wing and spending a little time during the off-season serving as a mentor? Maybe you have a relative, young or old, who would love to spend some time in the woods with you and is just waiting for an invitation. Think of your first experiences as a new hunter; why not share all that knowledge and experience you’ve gained over the years by passing on the tradition to someone else? Don’t know anyone who might be interested? We can help with that! Check out the mentored hunt program and see how you can get involved.


Be sure to visit the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ hunting season calendar before heading out. You can also see regulations for fishing and hunting, as well as purchase your licenses on their site as well. If you’re ready to plan your trip to Maryland, check out the Plan Your Trip section of our website to find lodging options, fishing charters and guides, and outdoor retailers.

Why not add a relaxing road trip to your itinerary while you’re scouting for deer season? The break in hunting season is also a great excuse to experience the beauty of Maryland by traveling its scenic byways.


Images courtesy of Eric Reed,  James Mackey, Andres Gue, and Alec Haskard via the Maryland Department of Natural Resource’s Flickr account.