Family Time – Fish & Hunt

Family Time

Hunting and fishing has long been a family affair, and Maryland makes no exception. Whether it’s a weekend getaway filled with relaxation and fishing with the family, or a first-time, multigenerational hunting expedition to pass on the sportsmen tradition, Maryland has you covered. With tons of options to choose from, there’s always something to do in Maryland.

178721569Rent a cabin near western Maryland’s Deep Creek Lake for a week-long sportsmen’s adventure. Hop aboard a charter boat and hook striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay. Pop a tent at a campground and spend a week fishing one of our many rivers. Pass on your hunting and fishing experience to the next generation, or simply enjoy being with the family.

Head to Maryland’s Atlantic coast for a trip filled with entertainment in Ocean City. Rent a charter and go deep-sea fishing, or take some time to relax on the beach taking in the rays. Travel twenty minutes south to Assateague State Park and catch a glimpse of the famed wild ponies as they graze through the marshlands; or rent a kayak and cruise the many inlets taking in the wildlife.

Plan Your Trip

Hook up with a guide or charter. Whether it’s hunting or fishing you’re looking for, there’s a guide to satisfy your family’s needs. Guides are the perfect way to get the whole family involved. Providing the necessary licenses and requirements for you, guides take the paperwork out of your hunting or fishing trip; allowing for you and your family to get out and experience Maryland.

There are plenty of family accommodations spread out all across Maryland; from ocean and lakefront rentals, campgrounds, and luxurious, full-service hotels. Find the perfect place for the entire family today.

Bring your own boat. With tons of access points to Maryland’s freshwater fishing holes and the miles of coastline, there’s no better place to hook up the trailer and bring the boat along with the family.

One great option is to rent a lakefront cabin nestled against the rippling shores of Deep Creek Lake. Packed with large and smallmouth bass – along with loads of other freshwater species – Deep Creek Lake offers the relaxation and sportsmen family seclusion that you’re looking for. Check out a sneak peak of Deep Creek Lake’s family atmosphere by clicking here.